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County Offers New Online Service for Permit Applications, Plans and Inspections

Jul 26, 2021

Cumberland County launched a new online service today to assist citizens, builders, contractors and businesses with the permitting, planning and inspections process.

EnerGov Services and Citizens Self Service (CSS) is a civics software program that allows online submission and management for permits, plans and inspections in the Planning & Inspections and Environmental Health Departments. Fire inspections through the Fire Marshal’s office can also be tracked.

The new online service provides a paperless management system that includes a robust dashboard that helps to easily find and manage permitting and is designed to increase citizen and contractor access to permit and plan information online.

The new platform allows citizens to:

  • Submit plans electronically for review, tracking and note taking
  • Follow the full process of their submitted documents
  • Submit applications for pools, wells, septic systems, etc. 
  • Easily request fire inspections
  • Get real-time access online at any time to plans, permits and GIS maps
  • Receive email notifications of process status
  • Navigate the software’s dashboard with easy search features
  • Reduce the chance for lost paperwork or a missed appointment
  • Reduce phone calls and trips to the office

“This software will maximize process efficiency and provide for a more seamless development review process,” said Planning and Inspections Director Rawls Howard. “It will save time by allowing both staff and customers to easily track any submitted plans or permit applications.”

Residents can use the software through a computer or tablet. EnerGov can be accessed by visiting the Planning & Inspections department page at cumberlandcountync.gov